Today is my 30th birthday. Or as a friend put it yesterday, “You are entering your fourth decade.” I’m cool with it. I did my quarter life crisis a couple years ago. So really, I’m cool.

Part of that crisis did however include shutting down all my goals that I previously set in my early to mid twenties. Shut down the goal for world travel. Shut down the goal to start a business. Shut down the goal to be “location independent”. Shut down the goal to be “debt free by 30”. I can dig deep into that another time, but for now, all that is important to know  is that God spoke, and after quite a bit of wandering, we listened. 

A few weeks ago I realized it was time for me to revisit the blog. It was time to write. My family and I have been through a lot in the past couple years, and God has spoken into my heart significantly about many things. I figured it was about time to start processing some of those things via the blog. Some of it will be public. Some might remain private. But yeah, it’s time.

In the coming days, there’s a lot I want to say. About life. About calling. About my city. Springfield, Massachusetts. About the arts, and music, and faith, and the gospel, and family, and education, and politics. The difference in this reboot of my blog — oh yeah, if you didn’t know, I deleted about 7 years of blog posts and started fresh– the difference now is that I don’t mind so much if I expand my audience or have subscribers or followers or views or whatever. I’m not going to “monetize” or “leverage a following” or “build my tribe”. That stuff used to be a major currency for me. But it’s not anymore. 

I’ll channel passions and opinions into this space, and hopefully the right people will read it. That’s my goal and no more.

Enjoy reading. If you are interested in staying on top of what I’m writing, you can use a blog feed reader. Look it up. Maybe I’ll eventually set up a simple way to do that from here,  but if you’re that interested, you’ll figure it out, right?